Once upon a time... 

In a small village between rolling hills, there was an old dilapidated mansion. It had been abandoned for years, the walls weathered, and the windows cracked. But Tom and Danielle saw the hidden potential: to transform a beautiful house into a sustainable bed and breakfast that would have a positive impact on both the environment and the community.

With great enthusiasm and determination, Tom and Danielle embarked on their ambitious journey. The first step was to bring modern energy into the house. They installed no fewer than 18 solar panels, using the power of the sun to generate electricity for the entire building. This decision ensured that their B&B would run on clean energy, reducing their carbon footprint and inspiring others to follow suit.

Then the pair focused on saving water so that not a drop goes to waste. Rainwater is collected in large storage tanks, connected to a sophisticated filter system, making it suitable for various applications. The garden is watered with rainwater and planted with mostly native plants, minimizing the need for additional water sources. Special water-saving options have been installed in the luxurious bathrooms.

To maintain comfortable temperatures all year round, Tom and Danielle invest in high-quality insulation and modern windows. These improvements have significantly reduced the B&B's energy consumption by preventing heat from escaping in winter and keeping it cool inside in summer. In addition, they installed a solar-powered heat pump to regulate the temperature of the house and provide hot water for their guests.

One of the most innovative features of their B&B is the swimming pool. Instead of using chlorine, they opted for a saltwater system, which not only provides a natural and environmentally friendly swimming experience, but also minimizes the use of harsh chemicals. In addition, they implement a water recycling system that collects and treats the pool water, minimizing water wastage.

Tom and Danielle, the owners of Casa Rodriguillo, decided they wanted to work together with "Trees for All." For each booked room, they planted a tree in the Netherlands or Spain. As guests enjoyed the serene beauty of the casa, they unknowingly contributed to a greener world. Together, they nurtured nature, one room at a time. 🌳🏡🌍

During the renovation process, Tom and Danielle preferred to reuse old materials. If not possible, they bought sustainable, locally produced materials and thus reduced the environmental impact of transport. Most of the used furniture is used for the furnishing. Where necessary, the furniture has been restored and has been given a new life in the B&B.

The local residents are delighted to witness the transformation of the old mansion into an environmentally conscious home and business. Through their dedication, passion and determination, Tom and Danielle have transformed an old, forgotten mansion into a beautiful example of sustainability. Their sustainable bed and breakfast is a testament to the power of conscious choice and the ability to transform a home, a community and ultimately the world.

Finally the day came when Tom and Danielle received the B&B license and were able to open the doors of their renovated mansion. The sustainable bed and breakfast welcomes guests from far and wide, eager to experience the harmonious blend of comfort and environmental awareness. Guests marveled at the beautiful furnishings, the cozy rooms and the environmentally conscious character, which makes their holiday sustainable and also allows guests to reduce their ecological footprint.