A House in Spain? Pinoso and Surroundings!

A Popular Destination for Dutch and Belgian Nationals Looking for a Second Home in Spain.

Discover the charm of Pinoso and its surroundings, a beloved destination among Dutch and Belgian nationals searching for a second home in Spain. More and more people are finding their dream homes here, whether it's an existing property with the help of an experienced real estate agent, notary, and lawyer, or a newly built dream house.

With years of experience in Spain, we have close ties with reliable Spanish, English, Dutch, and Flemish real estate agents in the region. We understand that finding the perfect match for your Spanish dream home is crucial. That's why we're here to assist you in connecting with an agent who understands your vision.

During your search, we offer a comfortable stay in our B&B, conveniently located and always pleasantly temperate. Here, you can relax and embark on your house-hunting journey well-rested.

Our partners strictly adhere to established regulations and possess the necessary certifications and diplomas. This is crucial, given the past where self-proclaimed "agents" and "cowboys" aimed to make quick money. Unlike in the Netherlands and Belgium, a notary in Spain has a limited role. It is vital to have an attorney check for any debts or legal complications related to the property or land.


It's no coincidence that many episodes of the show "Ik Vertrek" are filmed in Spain. The unpredictability of the process, often different from that in our home country, makes for captivating television. In short, discover the adventures of house hunting in Spain and let us help you find your dream home. Welcome to a new chapter of your life! 🏡☀️🇪🇸

Explore the surroundings of Pinoso, with its picturesque hamlets such as Casas del Pino, Casas Ibáñez, Culebrón, El Faldar, El Sequé, Encebras, La Caballusa, Lel, Monte Cabezo, Paredón, Rodriguillo & Tres Fuentes.
Pinoso has gained fame on television, with remarkable stories like those of Bas & Sabrina from Bar Mucho (now managed by Jos and Petra), Dominique and Christoph from restaurant Taratata, and let's not forget the friendly Jelies family, who acquired their house near our B&B.

But also, explore the charming villages and towns in the vicinity, including Alguena, Cañada de la Leña, Monovar, Cañada de Trigo, Aspe, La Romana, Hondon de los Nieves, Hondon de las Frailes, Yecla, Jumilla, Novelda, Elda, Barbaroja, El Canton, La Zarza, Torre del Rico, Raspay, Xinorlet, and many more.

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