Tom and Danielle van Leeuwen, the dynamic and adventurous couple behind B&B Casa Rodriguillo. Born and raised in the beautiful Netherlands, close to the vibrant city of Amsterdam, they shared a great passion for travelling. 

The preference was mainly for discovering countries in Asia. They have been attracted time and again by the enchanting cultures, beautiful landscapes and delicious food on this continent.

However, it was during one of their travels through Europe that they discovered their love for Spain. The sun-drenched beaches, vibrant cities, warm-hearted people and way of life left an indelible impression. In 2014 they decided to make their love for Spain tangible by purchasing a small holiday home. In the years that followed, this cottage became a cozy holiday address and they cherished every moment they spent in this beautiful country.

Two years later, in 2018, they made a life-changing decision. Tom and Danielle realized their bond with Spain was too strong. This led them to sell their house in the Netherlands and say goodbye to their native country. Together with their sweet dog, Labradoodle Donja, they started a new chapter in their lives in Spain. In 2020, their journey took a new turn when they discovered Casa Rodriguillo, an abandoned and neglected house. Looking beyond the worn exterior, they envisioned a place where guests could experience warm hospitality coupled with comfort and sustainability.

To realize their dream and ideas to turn the house into a hospitable and sustainable vacation spot, they started a fundraising campaign. Friends and family believed in their dream and saw the determination to bring this project to a successful conclusion. This financial support enabled them to purchase Casa Rodriguillo and begin renovations to restore the home to its former glory. From using old or sustainable materials to energy-efficient systems, every decision was made with the environment in mind. They not only want to be able to offer guests a nice holiday spot, but also build a sustainable life.

Since June 2023, Tom and Danielle, along with their loyal Labradoodle, Donja, have welcomed guests with open arms at Casa Rodriguillo. The B&B is a tangible representation of their dreams and love for old buildings that have become reality. It offers an oasis of tranquility where guests can relax and experience sustainable hospitality. As you enter Casa Rodriguillo and are embraced by the hospitality and comfort of the home, you feel a deep appreciation for their passion and determination.