Spain is known for its tapas dishes. Small bites served during a drink. Originally meant to protect your drink from flies and dust (the saucer covered the glass). Nowadays, they are especially delicious snacks and appetizers.

Below some of our favorite restaurants of the region.

Plaza4 Gastrobar (Elda)

Indulge in a variety of fresh and delicious tapas dishes here, including salmon tartare, crab legs, potatoes, and much more.

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La Perla (Hondón de las Nieves)

On the cozy village square of Hondón de las Nieves, you'll find "La Perla," a tapas bar run by two friendly gentlemen. Taste flavorful tapas like homemade croquettes and delightful mushrooms.

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Selfie by Ito (Petrer/Elda)

This spot is well-known among many Spaniards for its excellent value for money and attentive service.

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Tu Rincón gastrobar (Jumilla)

Although we haven't been here yet, this place is high on our list due to its creative tapas with an international twist.

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Bar Los Zagales (Murcia)

Our favorite, located in the heart of Murcia, near the stunning cathedral. This establishment has been around since 1926 and is nearly invisible from the outside. It's narrow but stretches far back. If you come between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM, you'll find it packed. Try the tigres or fried tree leaf (!), but everything on the menu is tasty, fresh, and traditional. No reservations are possible.

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Nou Embolic (Pinoso)

Gastrobar Nou Embolic mainly serves tapas but with a creative twist. Love surprises? Ask for the tapas menu and be amazed. This eatery is open year-round, even in the evenings. They speak some English.

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Ochenta&9 Gastro Bar (Pinoso & Yecla)

Be surprised by the culinary tapas and dishes at this gastropub. The perfect burger and delightful wines are on the menu. While they don't speak English, there is an English menu available.

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Bar-Cerveceria La Cañada (Cañada del Trigo)

Run by young people, this place offers delicious tapas presented in a charming manner on a cozy square. Spaniards prefer to dine indoors here. Their unique patatas bravas are well-known in the area.

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