Unique Restaurants around Pinoso You Shouldn't Miss!

Discover the hidden gems of culinary delights in the region around Pinoso. here are some examples of some restaurants that are just a little bit different. 

We like them, and this is our top list for this region.

El Refugio de la Cerveza (Villena)

For craft beer enthusiasts, El Refugio de la Cerveza in Villena is a true paradise. Enjoy a snack and homemade craft beer in a cozy bar with a terrace on a picturesque square. Combine your visit with a trip to the nearby castle for a perfect day out.

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Restaurante La Bodega Don Gil (Villena)

Step back in time at this beautiful old building, where the interior transports you to the era of knights. Here, you can savor tasteful food in a warm and inviting setting. An extraordinary experience awaits you, including the option to dine in a gigantic wine barrel!

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Pulperia Compostela (Novelda)

For a lively and flavorful experience, Pulperia Compostela is the place to be. This cozy restaurant, managed by owners from Galicia (Northern Spain), serves deliciously prepared fish and meat dishes. A vibrant atmosphere and top-quality seafood make this restaurant a favorite among food enthusiasts.

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Restaurante Mágico Campico (Elda)

Enter a magical world at Restaurante Mágico Campico in Elda. This fairytale-like restaurant enchants not only with its unique interior but also with the extraordinary presentation of dishes. Friendly staff completes this enchanting experience.

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Odiseo (Murcia)

For a unique and unconventional experience, visit Odiseo in Murcia. This rooftop restaurant offers original gourmet dishes and outstanding service. Be treated like a celebrity and indulge in a culinary adventure.

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Los Establos (Novelda)

A well-kept secret: this small restaurant on a horse farm is a true gem. While it might not be the most beautiful or the best restaurant, it has a special charm. With a limited choice of dishes that you need to order a day in advance, this intimate setting offers a unique culinary experience.

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La Mola (Novelda)

This restaurant is located next to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Magdalena and offers a stunning view of the city of Novelda and its surroundings. Enjoy a delightful meal in a picturesque location.

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Mercado de Correos (Murcia)

The old post office of Murcia has been transformed into a food market. Enjoy dishes from around the world, including typical Murcian cuisine. A friendly attendant will guide you to your table, where you can relish a diverse array of delightful dishes.

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The Secret Tea Garden (Pinoso)

Warmly welcoming you to her Secret Tea Garden, Lesley Ann offers an excellent high tea experience. Her cakes are unbeatable, no wonder for someone who has worked for the Ritz. For more information and reservations, call her at +44 7802 865727.